Awesome Travel Blogs You Need To Read!

We know the internet has millions of blogs which can often seem a little daunting to readers. However, we’ve attempted to make this easier by giving you the select few we believe are truly worth reading.

These blogs are literally crammed full of exciting information and useful travel nuggets we know you’ll love. We have only listed blogs that we have personally read and consider to be top draw.

If you’re planning to travel in the coming months then we seriously recommend browsing these sites as you’ll find tons of little stories and info that will make your trip heaps more fun and rewarding. Enjoy!

Adventure and Hiking Travel Blogs We Love

The Adventure Blog

Be My Travel Muse

Expert Vagabond

Ali’s Adventures

Backpacking Spirit

Britain 4 Travellers

Bren on the Road

Big World Small Budget

Beyond Blighty

Beyond My Frontdoor

Confessed Travelholic

Chasing the Unexpected

Ferreting Out The Fun

All Over The Map

Don’t Stop Living

One Giant Step

Jet Lag Manifesto

Banker in the Sun

Nomadic Notes

Confessions of a Nomad

Adventurous Travels

Backpacking Diplomacy

Traveling Canucks

Hiking The Trail

Modern Hiker

Dripping With Passion

My Travel Experience 

Ron Mitchell’s Adventure

Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel


Travelling Cheaply

Backpack Forever

Am I Nearly There Yet

Peter Greenberg Worldwide

Wandering Earl

Dave’s Travel Corner

All Out Adventure Travel

Hiking Forward

Lash World Tour

Wandering Sasquatch

My Life Outdoors


Aaron’s Worldwide Adventures

Monkeys and Mountains


Brian’s Backpacking Blog

Sarah Somewhere

Global Grasshopper

The Road Forks